Dave Farmery and Ben Midulla created PTSHEAT, Phoenix Thermal Supply.   We are a Thermal Solutions Provider with 61+ years of experience working with industrial heat treating and process applications.  Phoenix specializes in supplying products for process heat and control while providing customer service and technical support at the highest level.

The goal of this company is to distribute only the highest quality products available, providing world-class thermal solutions to our customers through superior product performance and intelligent sales support, at competitive prices.

PTSHEAT, Phoenix Thermal Supply is located in Atlanta, Georgia in the heart of the Southeast United States, providing excellent access to Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, South and North Carolina industrial markets.  PTS’s management is responsible for all phases of implementing the sales process to drive the distributorship, with special emphasis on bringing the latest in process control technology and custom tailored inventory to suit our clients needs in the following business types:

aerospace, automotive, bulk material heating, food service, fuel cell, packaging, plastics, rubber, compounding, thermoforming, blow molding, injection molding, extrusion, chemical, textile, bottling, photovoltaic, semiconductor, medical, analytical instrumentation, oven & furnace support, glass process, coating, insulation, asphalt, recycling, pelletizer, metal industry, heat treating, vulcanizing, water treatment. Phoenix Thermal Supply  is a direct supplier of heaters, sensors, controls, and accessories.


  1. PTSHEAT Product Knowledge – Best in the industry!
  2. Experience: Dave Farmery has 29 years & Ben Midulla has 32 years working in Industrial Application Support.
  3. Young and Driven Engineers.
  4. Collaborative and Helpful-  We are always working to help our customers achieve the Best machine performance.  If you succeed, we succeed!
  5. Large Customer Base-  This helps us with our purchasing power.  The more we buy the more competitive our pricing structure becomes and our stock expands.
  6. We Desire Customer Appreciation.  Our customers are our Friends –  We treat you how we would like to be treated ourselves!
  7. Quality Vendor Support & Products-  We partner with only the Best Manufacturers in the industry.  You will not receive an inferior product.  Our 100% Guarantee!
  8. Fast Supply / Consistent Supply- We know keeping your machines running is your top priority.  We will supply your parts when promised.
  9. Want to Succeed / Personal involvement-  Our engineers are our owners.  It is in our best interest to Grow and Succeed.  Let’s work & grow together!

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