PTSHEAT has all of your high temperature accessories.  Do you have all of your equipment up an running properly and to code?  We can help.  Our engineers have NEC spec sheets to help with amperage ratings of wire, limits, etc.  We stock most of the popular accessories for industrial wiring and process control loops.   Our stock includes:  Bayonet Adapters, Thermowells, Terminal Boxes, Fiberglass Tape, Terminal Strips, Ceramic Terminal Covers, Compression Fittings, Stainless steel, Copper, Ceramic Terminal Blocks, High Temp Ring Terminals, Panel Mount Jacks, Ceramic Wire Nuts, Connection Heads, Aluminum, Plastic, Metric to standard adapters, Hubbel Plugs, Thermocouple Plugs, Thermocouple Jacks, RTD Plug, RTD Jacks, RTD Wire, Thermocouple Wire, Multi-Pair Wire, Euro Plugs, High Temperature Wire, Heater Wire, SJO Cords, High Temp Butt Splices, Armor Hose Cable, Stainless Steel Overbraid, lead protection, Fiberglass Sleeving.  We have additional Accessories not listed here.  Call if you need any support or would like to place an order today.  One of our sales engineers can help you with the selection of parts that you will need for your process wiring application. Contact Us Today! 

PTSHEAT is a leading provider of quality accessories for Thermal Loop wiring and installations.