At Phoenix Thermal Supply, PTSHEAT, we understand that your machine needs to stay up and running….  We know that an order that you are placing is important for the lifeline of your business.  Well, in a made to order world full of custom equipment and various OEM machinery, not all parts are created the same.  Therefore, most parts have to be custom made and with that service comes long delivery times… With PTSHEAT,  you do not have to suffer costly down time caused by delivery delays.  Phoenix Thermal Supply has stock programs that will insure that you can get the heater, sensor, or controller components when you need them.  We can discuss with you the value of us holding local stock that you can obtain via a simple UPS shipment, courier service, or personal delivery.  We meet our valued customers all of the time with parts that they need.  We have thousands of parts already in-stock for customers like you.  We value all of our business.   You don’t have to be one of our top customers for us to stock for you…  We are here to help!  If you depend on products that require lead times of 2-6 weeks for delivery, you can reduce your down time with our stock program.   We can stock your required products for you, before you need them, for quick delivery when time is critical.  Let’s do business today!!

If it’s too late and we are not stocking for you yet, your equipment may already be down due to an emergency or long lead times… Well, we can help you out with our RUSH programs.  Call and talk with one of our engineers to discuss how quickly we can get you a Band-Aid component or exact fit part FAST.  

We know that your job is to keep your equipment running.  We know that your order is placed with us because you have an order placed  from your customer.  We will deliver when we promise!  We guarantee our parts!!   Our job is to take care of you- Our Customer!