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High performance Sylvania heaters deliver reliable process in-line air heater solutions for a broad scope of industrial applications. This premier brand’s air heaters are popular choices for heating air or inert gases. A supply of compressed or regenerative air is normally used with the heaters. Our Sylvania lines of electric process air heaters and heat guns streamline processes such as drying, sealing and packaging. Sylvania’s air heating tools are efficient and compact. At Hi-Watt, our goal is to provide electric air heaters that accommodate demanding applications and critical processes.

Convectronics Electric In-Line Air Heater

We distribute Convectronics air heaters featuring state-of-the-art materials. Convectronics is a global leader in flameless electric air heating. In-Line Air heater moves air over their heated elements. The heated air must be released from the heater consistently and reliably, allowing for the proper flow. A heater from Convectronics provides the power of clean electric heat, compactly packaged in an assembly built for rapid heat-ups and cool-downs. Directable heat is available with precise voltage, flow rate and temperature controls. Convectronics offers easily installed assemblies. The rigorous manufacturing standards produce accurate and economical heating systems backed by highly dependable engineering.