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Cast Plate & Strip Heaters -Aluminum and Cast Bronze

We supply Custom Cast Plate and Strip Heaters. Each design can be designed, ordered, and shipped as needed. We can ship any of the above formations in Round, Pie Shape, Square, Rectangle, L-Shaped, etc.  We make custom designs for new and existing applications.

Air Cooled, Water Cooled, Heat Only, Cool Only Cast Plate Heaters in exact form, fit, and function for your application needs.  If we do not have the right cast heater in stock, we can custom tool in any configuration. Permanent mold casting The aluminum or bronze “cast-in” heated part is a molded design. Utilizes proprietary low-pressure permanent mold casting process and can develop many parts.

Sand casting – Alternative “cast-in” heated part. Utilizes sand cast manufacturing process to reduce lead-time and tooling costs. Often used for proof-of-concept and low cost production for competitive industries. Dedicated equipment and personnel to reduce prototype lead-time.

Please contact one of our sales engineers.

Per exact needed specifications, Cast Plate Heaters can be made as Heat Only, Cool Only, or Heat/Cool.  Tubular Heaters are cast inside the heater aluminum or bronze body.  This provides excellent heat transfer.  The inside diameter is machined to a precise dimension for a tight fit onto extruder barrels, transfer lines, and pipes.

Heat Only Plates are made with a tubular heater.

Cool Only Plates are made with a hollow Tube or Fins on the outside of the heater body.   The hollow tubes allow a path for a cooling agent to be pumped through allowing the body to cool.  Other Cool only bands have Fins on the surface of the heater so air can be blown over the surface to cool the Cast Plate.

Heat/Cool Plates are made with BOTH tubular heaters and either the Hollow tubes run parallel to the heaters or With the fins on the surface of the plate.  This design allows the Cast Plates to run as a heating agent or a cooling agent in the application.

Contact one of our Sales Engineers to discuss your heater needs.  We can visit your facility to help spec in your Cast Plate and Strip Heater that will work best for your application.  We are factory trained to work on direct OEM Replacement parts, cross-overs, and new applications.


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