Phoenix Thermal Supply offers a solution for almost any application requiring radiant heat. Our ceramic infrared products can address a wide range of needs when your process requires non-contact heating.

Radiant heater applications can be complicated. Our factory-trained staff can help you calculate your watt density and temperature requirements and recommend system components, such as sensors and controllers, for your application.

  • Highest Radiant Efficiency – 96%
  • Heat-up Cool-down Time – 1.5 to 5.5 minutes
  • Infrared Wavelength Range from 2.0 to 10µm
  • Reflectors and housings are also available
  • Standard colors are rose – changes to gray when energized, and traditional white.
  • Also available in yellow which changes to orange when energized, and black
Curved e-mitter ceramic
Ceramic Curved Radiant

Solid Curved Face Ceramic Infrared E-Mitters

Series CRS: 60 mm x 60 mm (2.36″ x 2.36″)

Series CRM: 60 mm x 163 mm (2.36″ x 6.41″)

Series CRC: 60 mm x 122 mm (2.36″ x 4.80″)

Series CRB: 60 mm x 245 mm (2.36″ x 9.65″)

Series CRL: 95 mm x 295 mm (3.72″ x 11.63″)


Infrared Flat Non-Contact heater
Ceramic Flat Radiant

Solid Flat Face Ceramic E-Mitters

Series CRG: 122 mm x 122 mm (4.80″ x 4.80″)

Ceramic E-mitter Low Hanging
Ceramic Infrared Long Neck

Flat Face Long Neck Ceramic E-Mitters

Series CRD: 122 x 122 mm (4.80″ x 4.80″)



Ceramic Infrared Direct Heat
Ceramic Short Neck Flat Faced

Flat Face Short Neck Ceramic E-Mitters

Series CRH: 122 x 122 mm)

Series CRN: (60 x 245 mm)

Series CRZ:  (60 x 122 mm)



Ceramic Radiant Panel Heaters
Array Panel Heater Units

Modular Panels

Array Housing Assemblies can be designed with custom configuations using any combination of Ceramic E-mitter Series necessary. They are available in preconfigured sizes or PTSHEAT can design a custom heater to suit your application.


Edison Style Ceramic E-mitter
Ceramic Bulb Screw-In Heaters

Edison Style Screw-In Bulb E-Mitters

Series CRE, CRR, CRT


Accessory Items

PTSHEAT offers all accessories for ceramic infrared installation.  High temperature Ring terminals, Butt-Splices, Fiberglass Tape, SJO Cords, High Temperature Wire, Ceramic Terminal Blocks, Ceramic Wire nuts, Euro Plugs, Hubble Plugs, and other items to make your installation go easy and to code.


  • Food warming
  • Paint & epoxy curing
  • Heat treating
  • High temperature furnaces
  • Tempering and annealing processes
  • Reptile Environment Heating
  • Non-Contact Heating Requirements
  • Comfort Heating