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When Should You Use a Limit Controller?

PTSHEAT recommends a Process Limit Control in an application that is very important.  Limit controllers should be used for processes where there is a safety or quality requirement to protect a product or appliance from damage caused by excessive temperatures.

Typical Usage and Benefits

Limit devices are used in process control applications where independent limit switching for over or under temperature is required.  If the pre-set temperature limit is exceeded then the output switches to shut down the system.  This is a redundant system Loop to protect the primary Process Loop.

A limit control is often used in conjunction with a loop controller.  It will generally accept a variety of inputs such as thermocouple, RTD, or process inputs, then allowing for high or low temperature inputs to be set.  Limit controllers are used in a variety of applications, particularly industrial ovens and furnaces applications as well as by the life science industry.  A limit control should be a FM Approved device for a definite purpose OPEN or CLOSURE output.

One of our very popular limits is the Watlow EZ Zone PM. Panel mount temperature limit.  This controller is FM Approved. Used for programmable Process Protection. Set High limit, Low Limit, Deviation limit, or any combination. The EZ Zone Controller is a easy to work with unit that can be ordered / supplied in a Basic version (PM EZ Zone EXPRESS) with limited functions. This will be a control that has less menus for a more simple application. The EZ Zone Controller is also ordered / supplied in an integrated version (PM EZ Zone) with more advanced functions. This will be a control that has more menus and features where you can Set-up advanced parameters for process and temperature management. Watlow controls all come with a standard 3 year warranty. Watlow controls win every award for user friendliness and design.

Our engineers can walk you through the process of selection for the right protection control.  We have over 55 years of combined technical support working in the industrial control and process measurement.  We design and setup new applications for OEMs and end users.  We redesign and help make existing applications better.  What is the best control for my process?  How can I make this process better?  How can I make this process more efficient?  If you are asking these questions, then PTS is your source for improved process support!

Limit Control Applications:

Protection of process loops when a high/Low temperature or process variable will cause lost heater component, manufactured product, production down-time, or a safety situation.

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