Silicone Rubber Belt Vulcanizer Heater


Flexible Heater Application Guide

Flexible Heaters used for heating applications in Frame Style Presses, Sectional Vulcanizing Presses, Hydraulic Conveyor Belt Vulcanizers, Waterbag Vulcanizers for Steel Cord Belts, and Spot Repair Vulcanizers.

Conveyor Belt vulcanizer heaters.

Used in Presses to weld belts.

Heating Platen Dimension:

heating platen drawing



Belt Vulcanizer heater , uniform heating, thin construction, used in presses, Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Machines, and many other uses. Custom made to exact dimensions. High or Low Voltage. Can be supplied with or without pressure sensitive adhesive, thermostat, thermocouple, NTC, RTD, digital temperature controller, holes, notches, lead tab, cordset, plug, etc.  Made to your exact needs.  New application support and exact O.E.M. replacement parts.

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