ST207E Flange Mount Remote Thermostat EASY!!

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ST207E flange mount thermostat is a popular unit for permanent and quick fix applications.  We sell this thermostat for enclosure condensation protection, Motor housing control, freeze Protection, small heater control, and many other applications.


ST207E is our popular flange mount fixed set point thermostat.  These are popular for use in enclosures and applications where freeze protection or simple on/off control is required. They can switch up to 1500W.  We have a variety of thermostats that are Single Set Point or Adjustable.  They can be integrally mounted (mounted in silicone rubber) to sense the temperature of either the air temperature, a part temperature, or the heater sheath temperature.  The ST-207E can switch up to 1500w at 120/240v.   Several styles of non-adjustable, pre-set thermostats are available from Phoenix Thermal Supply.  Thermostats separate from the heater are encapsulated in Silicone Rubber, and are available with standard 12″ leads unless otherwise specified.  ST-207E, ST207, ST10 are a few of our popular remote mount thermostats.

Here are a few models with different lead lengths:

ST207E-0011A 8″ leads, ST207E-0011B 12″ leads, ST207E-0011F 24″ leads, ST207E-0011G 30″ leads, ST207E-0011H 36″ leads, ST207E-0011J 40″ leads, ST207E-0011K 48″ leads, ST207E-0011L 60″ leads, ST207E-0011M 72″ leads, ST207E-0011p 96″ leads, ST207E-0011s 120″ leads, ST207E-0011w 240″ leads

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