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EPHT-1; High temperature straight euro plug is uses in wiring applications for quick disconnect in the field.  Using plugs and jacks will allow your machine engineers to leave an extension harness in place to plug in heaters and zones.  Leaving a extension lead in place ensure exact wiring and reduces mistakes.  It also saves in wiring time and overall costs where replacing a heater with long leads is expensive.  High Temperature Straight Euro Plug units are touch-safe, easy to install, and user friendly.  We stock hundreds of euro plugs in straight and right angle.  We stock with Standard White Ceramic base and metal body.  This unit is made with the Pink, more durable Corundum body which will last longer in an aggressive application where the standard ceramic will crack under heat and abuse.

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EPHT-1; High temperature straight euro plug, Like P/N B1 except not ceramic, HIGH TEMP EUROPLUG, Straight constuction, 35A, 220-600VAC, 350C RATED CORUNDUM 99 TERMINAL BASE, 6mm PLUGHOLE SIZE, for 6mm DIAMETER pins, ALUMINUM SHELL, RATED 350C (ERGE) [like 111-10145 & 111-10146]; CORUNDUM 99 has better heating resistance and less fragile than the standard white ceramic units.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in

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