Band heaters apply heat to cylindrical surfaces using conduction. They are insulated with either ceramic, mica, or mineral insulated materials to reduce heat loss.  Nozzle heaters are small diameter band heaters designed to heat steel nozzles.  Barrel heaters are larger diameter bands designed to heat Pipes, Dies, and large cylinders.  Band heaters can be designed as 1pc construction or multiple pieces to help with installation.  We can choose the correct heater band based on your application information.  Process Temperature, heat-up time, and part Size make a difference on which style of band heater is best for you.  Our sales engineers can help you with your selection.  We work with application support as a no-charge curtesy to our customers.   Take advantage today.  Our experience is your advantage.

Band heaters attach to the objects they heat. There are several clamping options and termination styles, depending on the application.

Band Heaters Applications:

Band heaters are one of the most common types of heaters used in the injection molding and Extrusion industry. They consist of a metal band or strip that wraps around the barrel of the machine barrel. Band heaters are designed to provide uniform and consistent heating to the barrel, ensuring that the plastic material is properly melted and moved into the die or mold. The primary role of band heaters is to ensure uniform and consistent heating of the plastic resin within the barrel.

Importance: Proper barrel temperatures are crucial for melting the plastic resin, allowing it to flow smoothly and fill the mold cavities accurately. Inconsistent heating can lead to defects in the molded parts.

Band Heaters are used in these industries:

  • Plastic Injection Molding Machines
  • Plastic Extrusion Machines
  • Blown Film Dies
  • Extrusion Dies and Cross Heads
  • Blow Molding Machines
  • Hot Runner Molds
  • Oil Reclamation Equipment
  • Food and Candy Extruders
  • Vending Machines
  • Food Service Warming
  • Autoclaves & Sterilizers
  • Metallurgical Analyzers
  • Pulp and Paper Processing Equipment
  • Drum Heating
  • Holding Tanks
  • Fluidized Beds