Side Heaters Top Insertion

O-Shaped and L-Shaped

Phoenix Thermal Supply Over the Side Heaters are available as stock options and custom made to order units.  These heaters are designed to just drop over the side of a tank. This style of direct immersion heaters is very popular. Over the Side Heaters provide portability with easy installation and removal as a drop-in style heater. Users will not have to drain the process tank during heater installation or replacement. With a designed “riser” to housing, the electrical components are kept high above the liquid-line and the heating elements are kept at the bottom of the tank. Over-the-side heaters are ideal for heating water, oils, solvents, salts, and acids. Application versatility is enhanced with optional sheath materials, watt densities, terminal enclosures, and mounting methods. Popular designs include “L” shaped and “O” shaped assemblies.

Side Heaters Performance Features

    • “L” or “O” shaped
    • Rugged, lightweight construction
    • One or 3-phase operation
    • Assured MgO density, dielectric strength, heat transfer and life
    • 4″ sludge legs
    • RTV riser seal
    • Riser materials compatible with element sheath materials
    • Integral thermowells for convenient temperature sensor insertion and replacement

Over the Side Heaters Applications:

  • Freeze protection
  • Water Heating
  • Viscous oils
  • Storage tanks
  • Degreasing tanks
  • Solvents
  • Salts
  • Caustic solutions
  • paraffin