Tubular Radiant Heater Reflective housing with Tubular heater

Phoenix Thermal Supply has a tubular radiant heater for any application.  Can be used as a contact or non-contact Tubular Radiant Heater.  Our PTSHEAT tubular heater stands apart from all other similar products.  They are a rugged construction.  Our engineers will help you select a proper watt density and construction for your application.  If designed correctly, they will provide a long life in any application.  They are used commonly in radiant applications as seen in batch ovens and conveyor ovens.   We supply these with bulk-head fittings for through wall installations for immersion tanks and other uses.  They can be field or factory formed to custom formations and designs.  Commonly called Calrod, Rad, Radd, 1525, and Watrod. A Tubular Heater is very popular in industrial applications for every industry.  For radiant n0n-contact infrared applications, they are  available with Single straight elements, Dual straight elements, Dual U-Shaped elements, or Single U-Shaped Elements.  We have Extruded reflector housings that make installation easy and complete.  PTSHEAT can supply Tubular Radiant Heater Panels from our extensive stock or Custom made to fit any application.

Tubular Radiant Heater Applications:

  • Thermoforming
  • Adhesive Drying
  • Conveyorized Drying
  • Freeze Protection
  • Food warming
  • Paint & epoxy curing
  • Heat treating
  • High temperature furnaces
  • Tempering and annealing processes