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Basic On-Off Controllers

A basic control on-off controller is the simplest form of temperature control device, used where precise control is not required. These basic temperature controllers are compact and offer an economical, cost effective control solution for less demanding applications.

Autonics TA Series, TOS/TAM/TOL Series

TA Series applied newly developed PID temperature control algorithm and micro processor to simple dial setting type temperature controller, resulting in a better control performance and more economical price. Also, deviation lamps on the front panels offer easy visual guide on control status. Dial setting type output OFF function, sensor burn-out display function and self-tuning function enhance control performance of this series.

Analog and non-indicating type, temperature controller which sets temperature by dial TOS/TOM/TOL series realizes provides wide range of product selection depending on temperature range so that suitable temperature control can be realized for user’s environment. Also, the series supports better user convenience by built-in burn out function and universe power range (only for TOS series).

Watlow Series CV

Watlow’s microprocessor based temperature controllers are available in a bread range of packaging options. Your Southwest Heater & Controls sales representative can help you select the best version for your application.

The SERIES CV controller incorporates a microprocessor design platform and an operator interface for viewing and selecting the set point.

Performance Features:

  • Adjustable set points
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Heat or cool operation
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius operation with indication
  • Agency approvals
  • Microprocessor based technology