Mineral Insulated Band

Mineral insulated band

Mineral Insulated band heaters are the solution for applications that require high watt densities (W/IN2) and/or high operating temperatures.  MI Bands are capable of reaching temperatures up to 1400’F (760’C) and watt densities up to 150W/IN2 (23.25 W/CM2).  The watt density for a specific application will depend on the heater size and its operating temperature.  These heaters are specially designed with a nichrome element embedded in a mineral insulation.  This construction provides excellent thermal conductivity and dielectric strength.  The heater is designed under pressure to a precise diameter with a thin low-mass cross section providing fast heat-up rates and reduced cycle times.

PTSHEAT’s engineers are factory trained to design and supply the proper MI Band heater for your application.  We always tell our customers that the mineral insulated band heater is our preferred band.  With the stainless steel exterior construction and the high temperature insulation, this heater is capable of most applications.  It will last longer in standard applications and perform faster in aggressive applications.  Often called the Better Band, MI-Plus, MI Band, Mighty-Tuff, MaxPak, Heavy Duty, etc.  However, mineral insulated band heaters are not all made the same.  Our Mineral insulated band heaters are the highest quality band in the industry.

Our engineers design and construct the highest quality MI Band heaters.  These heaters outperform other bands.  The stainless steel jacket encases Magnesium Oxide insulation that is in-layed with a nichrome heating element.  The heater is baked in a long cycle-time oven that bakes out moisture and allows the best heat-transfer.  MI band heaters can handle high watt density and high temperatures.  When designed properly a mineral band can last a long time.  They are worth the extra investment when replacing standard mica or ceramic heater bands.

The Physical Limitations of Variations of Mineral Insulated (MI) Band Heaters can range on the availability of widths, inside diameters and terminations for PTSHEAT’s MI band, barrel and nozzle heaters. To ensure available terminations meet application needs, you can refer to the following termination variations and the illustrations in the attachment and/or contact one of our experienced Sales Engineers.

General Construction Limitations:
• Maximum width of 1 in. (25 mm) diameter heater: 11/2 in. (38 mm)
• Maximum heater width: 2x heater diameter
• Minimum I.D. for Type B, C, E and H leads: 1 in. (25 mm)
• Minimum I.D. for Type B—90° leads: 1-1/8 in. (29 mm)
• Maximum lead amperes: 12.5A per pair
• SLE maximum: 9A
• Maximum amperes (post terminals): 30A per pair
• Minimum diameter and width for SLE: 4 in. x 11/2 in. (102 mm x 38 mm) width
• 90° leads not available over 250VAC
• Minimum I.D. for post terminals: 11/4 in. (32 mm)
If the application requires a heater exceeding these listed limitations, contact your PTSHEAT representative.

Standard Heater Gap Sizes:
• ≤ 3 in. = 1/8 in. nominal
• 3 in. ≤ 6 in. = 1/4 in. nominal ±1/8 in.
• 6 in. ≤14 in. = 3/8 in. nominal ±1/8 in.
• >14 in. = 1/2 in. nominal ±1/4 in.


  • Blown film dies
  • Extruders
  • Injection molding machines
  • Other cylinder heating applications

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    Mineral insulated Band heaters are high quality and robust. They are a perfect Band for any application.

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