Phoenix Thermal Supply’s SRL and SRM/E self-regulating heat trace cables provide the most versatility in heat trace designs and applications. Self-regulating cables are flexible, can be cut-to-length in the field and can be single overlapped without fear of burnout in areas where complex piping and equipment require additional heat trace cable.  Our heat trace is self-regulating heating cable for use on 120 and 208 to 277V and maintain temperatures to 302 °F (150 °C).   Equipped with a ground braid and optional TPR or FEP jacket, the self-regulating cables are third party tested and approved for use in harsh corrosive and hazardous area applications.

Very easy to install options include DUO-TAPE, Silicone Jacketed DUO-TAPE, and Resistance tape with Adhesive Backing.

Our engineers are factory trained to walk you through your heat cable application for proper fit and control of your process heating needs.

Heat Trace Applications:

Used in various applications including providing heat to piping, tanks, vessels, valves, pumps, and instruments, Food transfer lines, Preventive maintenance, and freeze protection.