HT Foil

Fast heat-up due to thin construction and low mass design.
High temperatures and watt densities for more demanding applications.
Easy to design in circular or complex two-dimensional shapes.
More uniform part temperatures are possible with etched foil zoned heating.

General Specifications Installation and Mounting
The HT Foil heater is designed to be permanently clamped. If the lead connection points are within the clamped area, a relief in one of the clamped surfaces is required to allow adequate clamping of the active heater area.

Although Watlow doesn’t stock HT Foil heaters, there are several specifications common to most of the custom designs. They include:

  • Thickness over heated area: 0.030 inch (0.76 mm)
  • Thickness over lead connection area: 0.200 inch (5 mm)
  • Dielectric strength–volts ac, minimum: 1000V Å (ac)
  • Maximum operating temperature: 1100°F (593°C)
  • Maximum allowable watt density at various temperatures:
    • 1000°F (540°C) 20 W/in 2 (3.1 W/cm 2 )
    • 900°F (480°C) 40 W/in 2 (6.2 W/cm 2 )
    • 800°F (425°C) 60 W/in 2 (9.3 W/cm 2 )
    • 700°F (370°C) 75 W/in 2 (11.6 W/cm 2 )
    • 600°F (315°C) 90 W/in 2 (14 W/cm 2 )
    • 500°F (260°C) 110 W/in 2 (17 W/cm 2 )
  • Lead wire–Type MGT 600 volt with Nickel clad Cu conductor: 840°F (450°C)

HT Foil Applications:

  • Freeze protection and condensation prevention for many types of instrumentation and equipment
  • Medical equipment including blood analyzers and test tube heaters
  • Exhaust gas pre-heating for DPF regeneration
  • Curing of plastic laminates
  • Photo processing equipment
  • Semiconductor processing equipment
  • Computer peripherals such as laser printers