Hot air finned Tubular Transfer Heater

Phoenix Thermal Supply’s Finned Tubular Heaters are manufactured with the same rugged construction as our standard Tubular Heaters and then a helically wound fin is attached to the outer sheath. The fins are fully brazed to the heater sheath for optimum heat dissipation and efficiency. These heaters are ideal for heating air and select gases in forced and natural convection applications.  In applications where tubular heaters are exposed to forced convection, placing fins around tubular heaters increases their surface area and thus improves their heat transferring capacity. Finned heaters, compared to regular tubular heaters, run at lower surface temperatures for the same watt densities when placed in identical air streams.  Our engineers can help select proper Watt density (w/in2) to achieve desired outlet air temperature when given the speed of air flow.  Our finned heaters have excellent efficiency and performance.   However, tubular heaters are not recommended for applications where outlet air temperatures exceed 600°F.

Please see the pictures and descriptions below for all the options:

We can ship any of the above formations from stock by using a modified stock unit.  If we do not have the right tubular calrod in stock, we can ship a custom made unit quickly. Finned or Non-finned.

Finned Tubular Heater Applications:

Air Heating Applications