Starflex Tubular Aluminum Channel Strip

Starflex, Permaheat, Maxistrip

Tubular Strip Heaters

The PTSHEAT Starflex Tubular, Permaheat, Maxistrip heaters are designed for heavy duty applications and is the most rugged strip heater we offer.  It uses a tubular heating element to provide excellent heat transfer and resistance to contamination, and its aluminum body allows for better conformity to slightly irregular surfaces.

To design this Glenn Starflex Tubular, Permaheat, Maxistrip heater, the tubular heater elements are placed in a precisely extruded aluminum base. The aluminum channel body also serves as an excellent transfer medium for rapid heat-up while providing a uniform temperature throughout the entire heater.

These Starflex, Permaheat, Maxistrip heaters or cooling strips can be designed as COOL only, HEAT only, or HEAT/COOL.  They can be designed with just about any style of termination off of the terminal ends of the tubular heaters.  Terminal Box covers are available for termination protection.

Permaheat Strip

  • Operating Temp Capability of 600°F
  • Max. Watts per Square Inch of 35
  • Durability is Excellent

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent heat distribution
  • Rapid heat up
  • Rugged construction
  • Long life due to tubular construction
  • Large selection of lengths, sizes and terminations
  • Various termination options
  • Vibration and contamination resistant

Starflex tubular Applications:

  • Extrusion die heating
  • Compression molding
  • Chemical processing