Multicoil Heater Tubular

The multicoil heater is the first tubular heater in the industry with 3-phase capability. Mounting options are similar to other tubular heaters.

Multiple Coils and Thermocouples Packaged in One Sheath for Quick Installation

The heater is a tubular element with multiple coils and/or thermocouples inside one sheath answers the need for a versatile, innovative tubular multiple coil heater.  Our factory has a patented method of packaging a thermocouple inside of a heater with one or more resistance coils which gives the ability to sense a heater’s internal temperature accurately, every time.

The three coil, three-phase heater will offer a compact package solution while delivering the full power required in a compact heater package. Previously three separate heaters would have been required to do the same job; therefore PTSHEAT’s MULTICOIL heater capabilities save money.

Multicoil Heater Performance Features

  • Three-phase capability
  • Responsive and accurate, internal, high-limit sensing
  • Reduced assembly costs
  • Multiple coil options allow dual voltage capability
  • Versatile forming capabilities
  • Space saving construction

Multicoil Heater Applications:

  • Food service
  • Process
  • Medical
  • Milled groove
  • Plastics
  • Plating
  • Oven heating
  • Semiconductor