We have an extensive selection of Temperature Sensors and Accessories.  RTD’s Thermocouples, Thermistors for all applications
Plastics Sensors
Plastics Sensors for industrial process measurement. Bayonet, nozzle, Ring, Popular OEM

Thermocouples for the
Plastics Industry


Mineral Insulated Sensors
Mineral Insulated Temperature Sensors for Industrial process measurement.

Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Assemblies



Industrial Process Thermocouples
Industrial Process Thermocouples for High Temperature Applications and temperature measurement

Industrial Process Thermocouples

Thermocouples T/C, PT100, RTD
RTD’s, PT100, RTD

for Industrial, Plastics and Medium and Light Duty Applications


Jack Panels accessories
Plugs, Jacks, and panel Jacks for Temperature measurement to control panel plug and play.

Jack Panels and Accessories


Stainless steel, Brass, Ceramic, or Steel thermowells for immersion applications

Thermowells, Ceramic and Metal Protection Tubes



Bayonet adapters
Metric and Standard Bayonet adapters

Hardware and Accessories


T/C Wire
Thermocouple wire and Cable, Single and Multipaire, Teflon, PFA, Fiberglass, FEP, etc.

Insulated Thermocouple and

Extension Wire


Metal Sheathed Mineral
Insulated Thermocouple Cable
(MI T/C Cable)


Special Application Sensors


General Purpose NTC Thermistors

Multipoint Thermocouple Assemblies 


Phoenix Thermal Supply is your source for industrial temperature sensors and accessories.  We carry a wide variety of industrial temperature products so you’ll be guaranteed to find the best sensor for your needs.  Our sensors are available in probes and wires used for contact measurement, as well as available in non-contact infrared assemblies.  When you’re in need of a new sensor, call on us.  Many of our products can ship same day.  And if our stock units will not work for you, we can create a unit that will suit your needs.  

Find out how we can help, contact us today!

Temperature Sensors Applications

Food Processing Equipment
Molds and Dies
Plastic Injection Molding Equipment
Extrusion Equipment
Industrial Heat Treating
Liquid Temperature Control
Medical Equipment
Process Temperature Measurement